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Whispers in the Wind
Your whispers are gentle echoesthat sway ardent winds of harmonyand in the symphony of lifeeach word is wrapped in rhapsody.We travel separate roads of lifegather flowers along the way andshare the music of their fragrance.We exist between two winds,I here under a pale moonyou, the other end of somewhere.Sometimes when wind blows through treesI pause to listen and in its passingI hear the tenderness of your voicethat fills the spectrum of my soul.You are the chime of warm rain,the moon that glows through the treesand within the luster of eveningyour aura fills the scene.I hear the whispers of the windsee the stars shine in the sky,but I hold the sunrise in my pocket.Dance with me within the wind,then just let me love you.- Orania Hamilton -
What Is There,To Believe In During Life,Nothing Lasts,Aside From Strife,Life May Perish,Life May End,Our Soul We May Give,Our Soul We May Spend,But Our Love,That Eternal Flame,Will Never Dim,Will Never Change,It Will Forever Last,When All Other Lights Leave,For You Light My Life,You Make Me Believe.- Tyler Dohrn -
A Perfect Moment
Beautiful eyes open across a pillow top,It seems for this moment time will stop,The earth slows and sounds wane,A frozen moment without stain.Your body close to mine,Our hearts beat in time,With a smile of simple pleasure,This moment should last forever.Some say perfection is unattainableFor most things that's explainable,But in your arms and with your heart's affectionI have found a brief moment of perfection.- Ian Pires -
Freeze This Moment
We were sitting on your rooftopStaring at the skiesThe sun was dipping lowerI looked into your eyesYou saw what I was feelingI know you felt it tooWe wanted time to just stand stillThen forever there'd be me and youWhy can't we freeze this moment?Return to it in timeStay together through the yearsProclaim I'm yours and you are mineSo let us freeze this momentStore it safely awayEven if we leave this placeWe'll return to it someday- Jenna Todd -



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